Seattle and the Bike Sneak

No, not stealing a bike, a bike sneak is a way to make sure bicyclists cross  streetcar and train tracks at the correct angle. Of course, it’s being implemented in Seattle. As a bonus, a blog post ❤ of Seattle.


Public Spaces and Diversity

A recent article in the NY Times highlights the 30th anniversary of Denver’s Downtown pedestrian mall. Two years ago I was at a conference in Denver and enjoyed the variety of people on the mall, even in the evenings when it was a bit sketchy. the article highlights the diversity of the folks using the pedestrian mall with a negative slant.

Most cities have a diverse population. Denver is lucky to have the pedestrian mall where these diverse groups gather. Articles such as this one which highlight the negative aspects of public spaces make more people leery of creating such places in their own cities.

Your Car, Your Privacy

While the idea of networking cars would allow for fewer accidents, the data that your car will collect about you (and share? and with whom?) is still up in the air. Currently, your GPS unit does track where you are. And don’t think it’s only your GPS tracking you. “Inrix collects all its traffic data anonymously, and Ford and Microsoft’s philosophy is the customer owns the data. But exactly what that means is unclear.” And don’t forget Flo from Progressive Insurance who wants you to put a “black box” in your car to save you money on your insurance!

How this information is stored, how securely it is is stored, and who has access to the information is currently not regulated (or at least not regulated that I could find). There are huge privacy issues at stake here, and yet it seems that no one has raised the alarm. Well, except for the folks at Reddit.