Depression and Lawyers

Depression is common in lawyers. In this short article, the dos and don’ts of dealing with a person with depression are covered. For more information see lawyers with depression.


High-Speed Rail

A few weeks ago, California received federal funding for high-speed rail. Then last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a “debate” on whether high-speed rail should be funded over improving current inter-city rail. IMHO, there is no debate. Until high-speed rail that is reliable and dependable is implemented, Americans will be resistant to using rail.

No smiling on your driver’s license!

At least in New Jersey because it makes it harder to identify you with facial recognition software. An interesting approach. I wonder how many states will follow suit?

And driver’s license security was the topic of a recent GAO report as well. In light of the REAL ID Act, the GAO recommends the Department of Homeland Security create a national database with photos, Social Security documents, and other verifying information so States can verify the identity of the people apply for driver’s licenses.

Law Schools and eBooks

The Droid Lawyer argues law schools need to catch up with technology. I agree. The case-books we have could easily be transferred to digital formats.

But then the problems start. Libraries are having a a heck of a time getting publishers to sell eBooks to them, as the publishers don’t understand that eBooks sold to libraries increase eBook purchases (see Pew Internet report). An open letter from the ALA president to publishers underscores this, and makes the point that by not selling eBooks to libraries, publishers are in a manner banning books. via Law Librarian Blog

And this week is Banned Books Week, so this is even more relevant.