Cities and Carnivores

An article on Slog led me to the LA Times article about the growth in coyote, mountain lion, and black bear sightings in Southern California cities. It’s not just SoCal that has this problem. Chicago has about 2,000 coyotes living in the city, with a pack living near O’Hare airport.

All over North America, sprawl has taken away the habitat of carnivores forcing them to coexist with humans in suburbs and cities. It’s not surprising the carnivores thrive in the urban settings as all of their needs are met.

What needs to happen is a serious discussion between land-users and animal health experts on how the carnivores can coexist as peacefully as possible in their new urban settings. One of the first talking points should be about letting pets outside unsupervised. Having grown up in SoCal, we didn’t leave our pets outside, and we took in all food sources at night. We still had plenty of opossums  skunks, and raccoons in the yard.


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