The most educated countries in the world

From Yahoo! Finance, the top spot isn’t the United States but Canada our neighbor to the north.


Via Verde in the South Bronx

The NY Times lead me to the website of the development. All I can say is WOW! Affordable, not just NYC affordable, but actually affordable. Fitness center, children’s play area, gardens, fruit trees, a health clinic on the ground level. Wow. This should be one of the models for redevelopment done right.

Private transit filling the gap

Public transit is my favorite mode of transportation. Alas, I currently live in a city with nearly non-existent transit. Some cities with great transit are now having the gaps in the transit system filled by private transit. These private companies, and sometimes employers, are filling the gap, whether it’s a lack of access to a neighborhood or a longer trip which would require multiple transfers, in public transit for seniors and employees.